Face & Neck Lift


Non-Surgical, Non Invasive, Alternative to Botox – Using Cold Red Light Laser Combined with High Power Radio Frequency, No Pain, No Needles, Instant Results – Tightens the skin, reduces eye puffiness, reduces dark circles, reduces wrinkles, lifts the skin, reduces double chin, increases your natural collagen production, circulation and improves skin at a cellular level

Laser Lipo, Skin Vacuum & Tightening


Non-Surgical, Non Invasive, Lose Weight & Inches Tightens Skin, most clients lose anywhere from one inch to four inches per area, each session, see the difference from the very first session. If you have a bulge in your belly from pregnancy, if you have a beer belly or love handles, back fat, sagging bat arms or cellulite, this is the treatment for you.

Eye Lift


Neck Lift


Knee Lift




Image Peels


All peels are administered to the face and neck. We have many different image peels to choose from depending on your skin concerns. Peels are a great to add on in conjunction with your laser treatments. Peels are selected based on your concerns. Lifts and tightens skin, lightens age & sun spots, reduces the appearance of scars, shrinks pores, reduces wrinkles and rejuvenates skin. Skin is washed with a glycolic, lactic and salicylic wash, then degreased three times, followed by the peel product. Additional peel enhancing products are then applied depending on your overall objectives. You are complete with a moisturizer. Most clients lightly peel after day three or four and most clients will take anywhere from 7 – 10 days total time to heal. If you desire a truly deep peel, it is suggested that you have microdermabrasion on the same day of the peel as it allows the products to penetrate and you will see even greater results. You cannot go into the sun, or if you do, wear sunscreen and a hat, mandatory!! Recommended in a series of 3 to 6 or more spaced out once every three weeks for best results, depending on the results you want to achieve. As an example…ONE Obagi Blue Peel would run you $850.00 and FRAXEL Laser, several thousand and both are extremely painful.

Microdermabrasion with Facial

175.00 or $75 add on

Minimizes fine lines, improves the appearance of pores, lessens the signs of aging. Sloughs off dead skin cells that make your skin look dull. Stimulates collagen. The tone, texture and color of your skin will look improved after just one treatment with brighter skin, tighter pores softened lines and a more even texture. It also improves circulation and lymph flow to help keep skin healthy from the inside out. Recommended in a series and even more beneficial when done before a laser treatment.

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